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Choosing the Right Type of Camping Pillow

Are you thinking of buying a camping pillow but you have no idea where to begin? You will find lots of different sizes, shapes and materials, and for anyone inexperienced, it can be challenging to choose. Of course, you should go for something that is handy enough not to cause issues with maintenance and packing.

But before you go out shopping, what are your options? What types of camping pillows are there?

Camping pillows come in three key types – compressible, inflatable and hybrid.


Compressible pillows have fillings made with feathers, different types of foams, synthetic fibers, or any combination of the three. Compressibles are generally the softest of the three types and are the nearest thing to the pillows on your bed. That means they’re also probably the comfiest and simplest to use just take them out of their stuff sacks! Compressibles made with feathers are the lightest and the most squeezable, but also the priciest. On the other hand, synthetic fiber and foam fills are firmer, heavier and lower-priced. One thing about compressible pillows is that they are heavier in general, offer less back support, and take up so much packing space. But for quick outdoor trips, they should be okay.


From their name itself, inflatable camping pillows contain air and are naturally lighter and firmer compared to the rest. Just unpack the pillow, blow in air, and then you can use it. What you’ll love about inflatables is that you can adjust their thickness and firmness just by adding or removing air. Clearly, you can just deflate them and tuck them into a wee bit of space your backpack. One issue with inflatables though is that moving your head from side to side can be noisy. You can handle this by covering the top portion of the pillow with a towel.


Hybrid pillows are no more than half the properties of compressibles and half of inflatables. The top layer is compressible to provide comfort to the head, while the bottom and sides are inflatable to provide back support. Most campers like the hybrid pillow the most as it is the complete package.

It’s undeniable that folded jackets and ropes and stuff sacks full of dirty clothes won’t give you rest and comfort during the night. And if you’ve ever had to deal with a nasty backache or neck ache upon waking up, you know only the right type of good quality camping pillow can be the answer. Lastly, before you buy a camping pillow online, Find a reputable seller so you can maximize your benefits from the purchase. Research will go a long way, saving you headaches later on.

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